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Before embarking properly on the new year, it seems only right to pause and reflect a little upon some of the great (and one not so great) music videos of 2006. Since we started our blog in October we've been feeding you regular oak engineered flooring slices of promo brilliance but we thought that we'd take this opportunity to do a brief rundown of some of our faves from the whole year, in case you missed them first time round. There is nothing terribly scientific about this list, and we don't have nearly enough room...

However, when other people heard the effects those prototype supports had upon hi-fi systems, there was no turning back: what had been solely a personal endeavour turned into a business.

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We are pleased to be music and hi-fi enthusiasts who started building equipment tables back in the late seventies purely so that we could set up our turntables.

In 1967, I probably wouldn’t have been interested at all in this music, but at this distance it sounds like just the remedy for contemporary angst and noise.  Recommended particularly for those who like the pre-"Mrs. Robinson” folky’s folky songs of Simon and Garfunkel (e.g., “For Emily Wherever I May Find Her” or “Kathy’s Song” or “April Come She Will") and for anyone who missed or misses the self-styled troubadors of that era.